At Mantis Cranes we take pride in our exceptional logistics and transport services. Our main aim is to organise the seamless movement of cranes, accessories, and hoists from our yard to our customers’ construction site. Once the project is complete, we also organise the dismantling process with the same level of care.

We understand that the timely installation of cranes and equipment is crucial for the success of any project. That is why we carefully plan and execute every step of the transport, installation and dismantling of all our cranes.

Each project comes with unique challenges and the Mantis Cranes Team will tailor-make a transport plan considering routes, site access, and restrictions when preparing for the delivery, erection, and dismantling of every crane.

We draw on our extensive experience in the industry to ensure that our transport, erection, and dismantling service is unrivaled within the industry.

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