We provide crane familiarisation for the crane operator on every Mantis Cranes site. As each crane has its own unique system, the engineers will highlight the features of the crane on hire to the operator during the crane familiarisation session.

We will ensure that the crane drivers have the necessary knowledge to control and operate the crane. All areas of crane operation are covered as well as the health and safety requirements when operating the machine on site.

Our crane partners provide ongoing training to the Mantis Cranes Engineers to keep the team up to date on all aspects of the cranes we supply. This training allows Mantis Cranes to provide our customers with the reassurance that we have the best technical knowledge available in the industry.

crane refurbishment service from mantis cranes


We offer a complete crane refurbishment service in the Mantis Cranes Workshops. The refurbishment will give machinery a new lease of life and will ensure many more years of reliable service. Drawing on more than 25 years of crane manufacturing experience, the Mantis Cranes team has the necessary in-house skills to extend the working life and improve the safety and efficiency of your crane.

  • During the refurbishment, cranes are stripped down and all elements are examined.
  • Where necessary parts are repaired or replaced.
  • All bearings are replaced, and all motors are checked, replaced or relaquered.
  • The painted parts of the crane are sandblasted and repainted in our paint shop.
  • Then the crane is reassembled and tested before being returned to the customer.

A refurbished crane from Mantis Cranes will operate as efficiently as a newly manufactured crane.


Mantis Cranes organise the transport of all our cranes from our yard to the customer’s site. We manage the logistics of getting a crane to the site and erected safely and efficiently and ready to start work for our customers.

Crane transport Mantis Cranes

Erect & Dismantle

When you hire or buy a crane from Mantis Cranes, we offer the extensive knowledge that we have accumulated from more than 25 years of erecting and dismantling experience.

  • The Mantis Cranes Engineers follow a factory training programme and have built on this training to be able to safely and efficiently erect and dismantle all the cranes we hire and sell.
  • Some Self Erecting Tower cranes can be mobilised within an hour, while Flat Top Tower Cranes and Luffing Jib Tower Cranes can be delivered, erected and ready to begin lifting within a day.
  • Working with our customers, Mantis Cranes will provide a solution to install and remove a crane on even the most challenging construction sites.

Site Survey

We complete a site survey on all sites that have a Mantis Crane. This service is carried out by a Mantis Cranes Appointed Person who will inspect the site where the crane will be erected and will work for the duration of the build.

The survey will assess the physical area the crane will operate in, the suitability of the ground, the type and weight of materials to be lifted, and identify any potential obstructions on site. In addition, the Site Survey will examine road access to the site and determine if road closures or diversions are required.

site survey
Remote controlled crane mover

GAPO Remote Controlled Crane Mover

The Gapo, is a self-propelled, remote-controlled crane mover. It is ideal for moving cranes on sites where space is confined. Due to its innovative design, the Gapo can load, unload, and move cranes into position in a very safe and efficient manner.

On otherwise inaccessible sites, the GAPO is an agile and powerful machine that moves heavy loads with ease. Due to its compact size, it is ideal for manoeuvring cranes into and out of narrow spaces on busy construction sites. This radio remote-controlled machine can be controlled by a single operator.

Our customers have benefited from the introduction of this crane mover into the Mantis Cranes fleet, allowing us to position the crane in the most efficient position with speed and accuracy.