We offer a complete crane refurbishment service in the Mantis Cranes Workshops. The refurbishment will give machinery a new lease of life and will ensure many more years of reliable service. Drawing on more than 25 years of crane manufacturing experience, the Mantis Cranes team has the necessary in-house skills to extend the working life and improve the safety and efficiency of your crane.

  • During the refurbishment, cranes are stripped down and all elements are examined.
  • Where necessary parts are repaired or replaced.
  • All bearings are replaced, and all motors are checked, replaced or relaquered.
  • The painted parts of the crane are sandblasted and repainted in our paint shop.
  • Then the crane is reassembled and tested before being returned to the customer.

A refurbished crane from Mantis Cranes will operate as efficiently as a newly manufactured crane.

crane refurbishment service from mantis cranes

Have a look at this video showing the Refurbishment of a Self Erecting Tower Crane