Block Grabs

Block Grabs

Single Block Grab: 1,500kg
Double Block Grab: 2,200kg

Block Grabs are designed to lift and move all types of concrete blocks and bricks on site.

Mantis Cranes offer an extensive range of crane accessories and site lifting equipment for hire and sale. Choosing the correct crane accessory for your lifting job will help you lift more and move more on-site.

We stock a comprehensive range of accessories to ensure that we can offer a solution to all your lifting requirements. Using the correct accessory will enable you to get your lifting job completed safely and efficiently and help you to get the most out of your crane.


Product Description

Single Block Grab: 1,500kg
Double Block Grab: 2,200kg


  • Adjustable forks and a spring-loaded lifting eye automatically adjust to compensate for different weights.
  • Suitable for a wide range of concrete blocks and bricks
  • Hard rubber pads eliminate damage to the load
  • Net hooks for safety net.
  • Single operator load and unload
  • High quality steel construction

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