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Tower Crane Operator:

Central to progress on site

From their elevated position high above the construction site, the Tower Crane operator has a commanding view of the entire site and its surroundings. This bird’s eye view of the site allows the operator to fulfill their primary role: the safe operation of the crane. The operator must lift, move and place heavy and bulky materials safely in various locations around the site. The tower crane operator is aided by the banksman or slinger on the ground and communicates with them on every lift. Concrete blocks, steel beams and construction equipment are lifted and laid exactly where they need to go by the operator. Along with operating the crane, the driver has additional responsibilities associated with their position:

Training & Certification

The crane operator must undertake Tower Crane Driver Training and must have the required driving certificates to operate the tower crane legally and safely. They must also stay up to date on changing industry regulations and best practices.

Safety Compliance

Safety is a key consideration when operating a tower crane. The crane driver follows strict guidelines to avoid accidents, injuries and damage to property when operating the crane.


The driver needs to communicate effectively with the banksman/slinger and other workers on site. Taking instructions from the site supervisors, signalling to ground crew members, and effectively communicating with the other workers via radio are central to the safe operation of the tower crane.

Problem Solving

The driver will encounter unexpected obstacles and issues when lifting and laying loads on site and will need to have quick problem-solving abilities. They will assess the situation and make swift decisions to avoid incidents or accidents.

Equipment Maintenance

Routine inspection and maintenance of the tower crane by its driver will ensure that the crane can be operated safely.

Knowledge of Crane Capacity & Specifications

The driver should have a good understanding of the crane’s capacity and specifications. Calculation of each load weight in relation to the crane’s capacity will prevent overloading and potential accidents.

Site Navigation

Skilled manoeuvring of the cranes jib around the site by the driver when moving loads is essential to avoid obstacles, tight spaces, and neighbouring buildings.

Observing Weather Conditions

Changing winds, rain and storms should be observed by the driver as the severe weather conditions will affect the operation of the crane.

Record Keeping

The driver will keep a log of the crane’s daily operations, maintenance, and incidents to have a record of all activities and issues.

The tower crane operator is a skilled professional who along with operating a complex piece of machinery, is also a key link in the construction site’s operational chain.

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