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Crane Refurbishment Service from Mantis Cranes

Refurbishment involves restoring, renovating, or repairing a crane to its original condition.

Why Refurbish a Crane?

Refurbishing a crane will extend its lifespan and improve the safety and efficiency of your crane. Having the crane restored or renovated to its original or updated condition can be more cost-effective than investing in a new crane.

The experienced team at Mantis Cranes will strip down the crane and replace or repair parts as needed. The components are sandblasted and repainted. Then the crane is assembled and tested before being returned to the customer.

Refurbishment gives machinery a new lease of life and will ensure many more years of quality and reliable service. Having a crane refurbished is a cost-effective alternative to either buying a new crane or buying a used crane.

Advantages of Crane Refurbishment

advantages of crane refurbishment

Crane Refurbishment Steps

When completing a Crane Refurbishment, the Mantis Cranes Engineers will follow several key steps, which may vary depending on the crane being refurbished and the condition of the crane.

Inspection  The crane is inspected for damage

Assessment  An assessment is made of the repairs needed

Disassembly  The crane is disassembled and all parts are inspected and cleaned

Repair & Replacement  Damaged parts are repaired or replaced and obsolete parts are upgraded

Painting & Assembly  The components are painted and the crane is reassembled

Final Inspection  The crane is inspected to ensure all repairs have been completed

Erect & Test  Tests are completed and the crane is commissioned

When refurbished, the crane will be restored to its original or updated condition. The lifespan of the crane is extended and it will now meet current industry regulations and standards.

If you are interested in finding out more about crane refurbishment, contact us at or for further details.

Crane Hire

Mantis Cranes are a leading tower crane and self-erecting tower crane supplier operating throughout the UK and Ireland. We specialise in self-erecting tower cranes, flat-top tower cranes, luffing tower cranes and construction hoists. We also offer an extensive range of crane accessories. For further information visit us on

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