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Erecting a Tower Crane On Time and On Budget

Contractors strive to avoid delays and complete construction projects on time and on budget. To prevent delays, careful planning is needed for efficient Flat Top Tower Crane erection.

The causes of delays on site can be many and varied, from improper planning, labour and materials shortages, equipment failure, and poor communication to bad weather. All delays lead to expensive and unwelcome overruns.

As the costs of labour and materials remain high at the start of 2023, construction projects are coming under increasing pressure to complete their build either on time or with as little overrun as possible.

Steps for Efficient Erection of a Tower Crane

In this article, we look at how to ensure your tower crane erection is completed quickly and safely. Careful planning when erecting a Tower Crane can help keep a project on schedule and avoid delays due to lack of preparation.

Firstly, the Mantis Cranes Sales Team will recommend the most appropriate Tower Crane for the project. Once the crane configuration has been finalised there are 5 steps for the efficient erection of a Tower Crane.

1. Decide on the location of the Tower Crane on site.

Mantis Cranes will evaluate the site drawings and make a recommendation on the optimal position for the Tower Crane. The position chosen will maximise the working potential of the crane while also considering the crane erection and dismantle requirements.

2. Consider access to the site.

In addition to looking at access on-site to the crane base, the Mantis Cranes Engineers will consider road access and the location of the build. In urban areas, permits may be required for road closures, lane closures, or for HGVs to enter city limits. In some cases, tower crane erections are scheduled for weekends, when road closures are permitted and HGVs can access city locations.

3. Prepare the crane base.

The ground at the base of the crane must be level and suitable to support the weight of the crane. Preparation of the base begins weeks before the erection of the crane as the ground may need to be compacted, a concrete base constructed, and perhaps the base reinforced with piles.

4. Select the appropriate mobile crane.

Once the Tower Crane specifications have been decided, the mobile crane is selected. The optimal mobile crane used to erect a Tower Crane will have sufficient lifting capacity coupled with compact dimensions to allow access on-site.

5. Check the weather.

Check the weather forecast as Flat Top Tower Cranes cannot be erected in high winds or stormy conditions. The Mantis Cranes Engineers will take into account Wind Zone areas and weather forecasts for the duration of the erection when scheduling a job.

Once on site, the Mantis Cranes Engineers will begin the erection of the Tower Crane. Careful planning, adherence to crane manufacturers’ guidelines, and many years of experience within the Team will ensure a safe and efficient Tower Crane erection.

Crane Hire

Mantis Cranes are a leading tower crane and self-erecting tower crane supplier operating throughout the UK and Ireland. We specialise in self-erecting tower cranes, flat-top tower cranes, luffing tower cranes and construction hoists. We also offer an extensive range of crane accessories. For further information visit us on

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