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Rising construction costs


Rising Construction Costs.

Construction costs have been increasing since early 2021 when materials shortages drove prices upwards. Throughout 2022 many players in the construction industry have been struggling to recover from the downturn experienced during the pandemic. As we move towards the end of 2022 new challenges have emerged in the form of increasing global inflation rates, labour shortages, and the current energy shortages which will further erode potential profits. We take a look at ways that contractors can reduce costs on site.


Implications for The Industry.

Soaring inflation rates in the UK, the increasing prices of construction materials, and the current shortage of skilled workers are issues affecting contractors in 2022. Construction companies and contractors are all under pressure to reduce costs with some developers reluctant to move ahead with projects until the price of materials comes under control. Looking at equipment choices and costs, and ensuring they have selected the most appropriate and efficient option, is one area where a contractor can make savings on their project.


Reduce Construction costs with Mantis Cranes

How Can Contractors Reduce Costs On-Site?

Whether bought or hired, construction equipment is expensive and careful consideration should be given to the choices made before the project begins. Lifting equipment is necessary on sites and many tasks would be, at worst, impossible or at best, difficult without it. Selecting the most efficient equipment for the task will save time and money and will also keep control of the overall build cost.

Reduce Construction costs with Mantis Cranes


Select The Right Lifting Solution.

Materials on site should be dropped off where they are needed.  Tele handlers and cranes are two options for handling construction loads.  While a telehandler can move materials around a site they are restricted in where they can go and where they can drop their load.

With a crane, materials can be placed exactly where the operator wants them, safely and efficiently. This avoids wasting valuable time moving materials and the health and safety issues that accompany manual handling.

Mantis Cranes Flat Top Tower Crane

Reduce Down Time.

From a fixed position a crane can operate over a wide radius and lift and lay materials safely. A fleet of telehandlers moving around a busy site presents many problems and increases the risk of accidents. Avoid down time caused by on site accidents by choosing a crane over multiple telehandlers. In addition, many tower cranes can be powered by electricity reducing harmful emissions and noise issues on site.

Mantis Cranes self erecting tower crane

Select The Most Efficient Equipment.

Select the most appropriate crane for the site and avoid being under-resourced or over-resourced. Careful consideration should be given to all the choices of lifting solutions available. There are many options from Self Erecting Tower Cranes, Flat Top Tower Cranes and Luffing Tower Cranes, and choosing the right one will maximise the efficiency of your investment.


crane accessories Ireland and UK

Use Crane Accessories.

Maximise the use of your crane with the many crane accessories available and ensure that your crane is being used to its full potential. Crane attachments from boat skips and concrete skips to fork toes and block grabs will help you lift more and move more on-site, saving time and money.


Extensive Experience And Diverse Fleet.

Mantis Cranes have been providing lifting solutions for over 20 years and we maintain an extensive fleet of the most diverse lifting solutions available. Our expertise and wide range of options available ensure that we can provide you with the optimal choice for your lifting needs.

Mantis Cranes

Mantis Cranes are a leading tower crane provider, including self-erectors, and most recently, construction hoists. We are established throughout the UK and Ireland. For information on hiring or buying luffing cranes, tower cranes, self-erecting cranes, materials hoists, and crane attachments, please visit us at



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