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6 Reasons to choose a Self Erecting Crane over a telehandler.

Rising material costs, labour shortages, and the current housing crisis all put pressure on contractors to increase efficiencies and reduce costs on site. This is where a self erecting tower crane comes in!

While the cost of materials and a shortage of skilled labour are beyond the control of a contractor, savings and efficiencies can be achieved by carefully selecting a lifting solution for your project.

The cost of lifting and moving materials on a site is significant and careful selection of plant hire options can help contractors stay within budget and avoid overruns.

Self erecting tower crane

self erecting tower crane from mantis Cranes UK

🏗️  Small Footprint

The small footprint of the self-erector allows the placement of the crane close to the building. This is especially important on sites with restricted space.

🏗️  Precise Placement of Materials

Materials can be placed exactly where the operator wants them with a self-erector. This avoids wasting valuable time moving materials and the health and safety issues that accompany manual handling.

🏗️  Remote Control

As the self-erector can be controlled remotely, the operator can be positioned where the load needs to be set down. Clear visibility of the set-down area allows the operator to lift and lay down loads safely and efficiently. A telehandler operator, restricted to the cab, may not always have clear visibility of the laydown area.

🏗️  Maximised Free Space Onsite

The small footprint and substantial working radius of a self-erector maximises the free space available onsite. On tight sites where free space for other subcontractors and machinery is valuable, a self-erector takes up less space than a fleet of moving telehandlers.

🏗️  Improved Safety on Site

From a fixed position a self-erector can operate over a wide radius and lift and lay materials safely. A fleet of telehandlers moving around a busy site presents many problems and increases the risk of accidents. Self erecting tower cranes can be powered by electricity reducing harmful emissions and noise issues on site.

🏗️  Fast And Efficient Erection and Moving

Fast erection and dismantle times make a self erecting tower crane easy to move on and off-site. The crane can also be quickly moved around the site as building progresses.

Self erecting tower crane hire

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Crane Hire UK & Ireland

Replacing a fleet of telehandlers with a self erecting tower crane for the duration of the build offers increased time and financial efficiencies, and improved health and safety benefits on site.

Mantis Cranes are a leading tower crane hire and self erecting tower crane hire company operating throughout the UK and Ireland. For information on hiring or buying luffing cranes, tower cranes and self erecting tower cranes, please visit us at

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