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Crane Attachments for Tower Cranes and Self Erecting Tower Cranes

Mantis Cranes offer an extensive range of crane attachments and site lifting equipment for hire and sale. Choosing the correct crane attachment for your lifting job will help you lift more and move more on-site.

We stock an extensive range of attachments to ensure that you get the most out of your crane. Selecting the correct attachment will ensure that you get your job completed safely and efficiently.


Block grab and fork toe crane attachments from Mantis Cranes

Among our most popular attachments are

Fork Toes

Fork Toes are designed for lifting off brick packs and pallets, with adjustable forks and offer some great features:


♦ Spring loaded lifting eye which automatically adjusts to compensate for the different weights carried

♦ Fitted with frame to allow attachment of a safety net

♦ Fork toes are made of robust, high-quality steel


Block Grabs

Block grabs are designed to lift bricks, blocks, kerbstones and paving blocks.


♦ Block Grabs have adjustable forks and a spring-loaded lifting eye that automatically adjusts to compensate for different weights.

♦ This ensures that the crane fork stays level when empty or full.


crane skip from mantis cranes

Boat Skips

Our Boat skips are designed to move waste safely and quickly around a site.

♦ These skips are used for general waste removal

♦ The low loading height and drop-down bale arm makes filling very easy

♦ Our high quality boat skips permits automatic unloading without manual intervention by the crane operator with an innovative system of release


concrete skips for tower cranes from mantis cranes

Concrete Skips

Our heavy-duty versatile concrete skips are designed to move and pour concrete on-site. We offer 2 concrete skip options in a selection of capacities.


Concrete pouring skip available from Mantis Cranes

Lay Down Concrete Skips


♦ Designed to lay down on the ground for filling and to return to vertical position when filled

♦ Lever discharge


Crane accessories available from Mantis Cranes

Standing Concrete Skip

♦ Lever discharge

♦ Central discharge

♦ Side chute

Lifting chains, webbing slings, & safety nets

We supply sets of 2 & 4 leg chains, drop chains, webbing slings in a variety of sizes and safety nets to maximise the safe and efficient lifting capabilities of all our cranes on site.


Block grab and mortar tub from Mantis Cranes

Mortar Tubs

Our Mortar tubs are lightweight but robust making them suitable for heavy industrial use on our customers busy construction sites.

crane forks cage

Crane Forks Cage

Safety cages are designed to be used with fork toes to move bricks & blocks on site. Our crane forks cages are designed for safe and easy loading and lifting.



♦ Our Generators are ultra-silent

♦ The external fuel bowser can be connected via quick release fuel lines to increase refuelling intervals

♦ Easy to access electrical outlets

♦ Generators are fitted with a CEM7 monitoring system for user interaction regarding status information. This also allows users to configure the generator for a specific task

♦ Fitted with an IP67 protection rating

♦ Electronic starting system

♦ Fully lockable to prevent tampering

♦ You can repositioned the generator on-site using forks or lifting eye


Lift Hire Packs

Lift Hire Packs are available that include all the accessories you will need on site. Please contact us in Ireland on +353 74 9149981 and in the UK on 01388 748962 for further details on these packs.


We also offer a range of additional Crane Support Options including

Aircraft warning lights

Spreader pads

Anti-collision system

Anti-climbing frames

Working lights

Hook Cam


Contact us on or for further details on our extensive range of crane attachments.

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