Mantis UK our Igo T 85 A SETC – Historical Clare College Cambridge

This site is at the prestigious Clare College in the centre of Cambridge. Since its completion in 1715, Old Court has nurtured successive generations through ages of industrial progress, social reform, world war, and technological transformation.

What is interesting about this project is our IGOT85A Self Erecting Tower Crane had to access the site over a specially designed and temporary built bridge that had to be dropped in place by a 500t Mobile Crane from Baldwins crane hire.

Photo: Barnes Construction

Barnes Construction did an excellent job in preparing site to accept the crane. This bridge allows access to the site (The Quarter Masters Garden) by crossing over the River Cam which is the main river running through Cambridge, this bridge enables Barnes Construction to get the plant and equipment across the River Cam that are needed for the construction work while maintaining its historically important surrounding structures.

The 57m long bridge – built and craned into place by bridge specialists Mabey – spans the Middle River between mill pond weir and Jesus Green weir which means the stretch has 10 bridges rather than nine for the first time since the 1960s.

This project When completed in late summer 2022, the inside of the River Wing will have been reconfigured, and a new three-storey extension will have been created where it adjoins the existing main college building, to house a new servery area, toilet and disabled facilities, as well as a lift and fire escapes..

Photo: Clare College

Working in harmony with the existing architecture, the restoration will achieve modern levels of energy efficiency and improve disabled access. In addition, the project will at last equip the College to provide spaces fit for today and generations to come.

While doing this critical work, Clare will be able to create new and better spaces for the College community to eat and to learn together, including the creation of a beautiful extension to the Buttery, directly overlooking the river.

At Mantis UK we are delighted to be part of this fantastic historical project and the continued collaborations with all onsite teams.

Should you wish to find out more about our Potain IGOT85A Self Erecting Tower Crane now erected on site which has a minimum hire period of 60 weeks, lifting capacity 6,000kg @ 12m – 1,250kg @45m, Contact us on: | 01388 748962

Interesting Facts About the Project

  • Over 2,300 square metres (more than half an acre) of slate will be renewed.
  • 29 WCs will be replaced.
  • 23 showers will be renovated or built.
  • 240,000 working hours will be put in by plumbers, carpenters, roofers and electricians on the project over 3+ years.
  • 27 gyp rooms will be provided or refurbished.
  • 2 new high efficiency boilers will be installed, along with insulated piping, resulting in an improvement in energy efficiency of more than 20%.
  • 1.4 miles of pipe replacement.
  • 76 additional seats will be created for casual dining in the new River Room Cafe.
  • 6.2 miles of new wiring.
  • 4 new lifts will be installed to improve disabled access, making Hall fully accessible for the first time in Old Court’s history.
  • 1,500m2 of lead gutters, valleys and hips to be replaced.
  • 285 windows will be inspected, repaired and renewed.
  • 11 chimneys will be repointed and repaired, each with up to 9 flues.
  • 31 sets will be renovated, including new wiring, fire safety and heating, including over 160 new radiators.
  • £300,000 of fire safety improvements including new detection systems, 40 upgraded historic doors and improved compartmentation.




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