CIF Safety Week
The leaders in the construction industry created Safety Week to lessen the number of injuries and deaths that occur in the field. Since then, the event has grown and is now regarded as an industry standard, creating awareness within the industry.
We were delighted to participate in John Sisk & Sons Health & Safety week highlighting working safely at heights and emergency preparedness to Sisk employees on a Sisk site in Cork Street Dublin where we have our two Saez TL55 & TLS55 17 Tower Cranes (See below).

We began by doing a practical demonstration of the type of safety harness our employees wear and why, highlighting the different types of lanyards used and in what situations to use them in, the importance of inspecting your PPE equipment prior to every use and also the proper use of anchor points. We then proceed with showing our rescue kit, the Gotcha CRD kit, which we removed from the vacuum bag and explained to the SISK team how we were going to use this at the top of the crane.

The second half of the day detailed the emergency preparedness required when there is working at height involved on a site Firstly, all demonstrations were performed on the ground such as locating anchor points to be used for any equipment, the suitability of equipment (anchors, harnesses, attachments and connectors) for use during the rescue. Following this, the live on-crane demonstration rescue was performed on the Saez TL55 using our rescue kit, by lowering our engineer safely to the ground. The rescue kits Mantis Cranes use (Gotcha CRD) are specifically configured for remote rescue from tall structures to lower a casualty to the ground using a safe and secure method.

The following video shows a Mantis employee been lowered during the rescue training session at John Sisk site in Dublin.

Thank you to John Sisk & Son Ltd for letting us be part of such an important week of the construction industry. #CIFSafety20 #construction #healthandsafety #safetyfirst #constructionindustry

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