How will a Self Erecting Tower Crane improve Site Safety?

One of the main benefits of choosing a Self Erecting Tower Crane, for your material handling needs, is increased level of safety that it offers to your project.

How will a Self Erecting Tower Crane improve site safety?

  1. Less Movements on Site: A Self Erecting Tower Crane lifts loads vertically and then moves these loads to their final position horizontally. Using an SETC eliminates possible accidents caused by lifting and carrying loads on unsuitable ground.CBR 40
  2. Position: A Self Erecting Tower Crane much closer to the structure and is less likely to obstruct movement around the site. mobile crane has an angled jib and therefore must stand off the building to accommodate the jib angle and can cause on site blockages.
  3. Less Material Handling: A Self Erecting Tower Crane operates from a planned position once it is in place. The Tower Crane will enable stockpiling of materials in a more compact area, as loads can be picked without moving other items for access. Additionally, SETCs help maintain a tidy working site and eliminate blind lifting.
  4. Less Noise Pollution: Self Erecting Tower Cranes are the
    perfect crane hire for built up areas as they are environmentally friendly and operate minimal noise
  5. Less Damage to Other Equipment These crane eliminate damage to scaffolding that can caused during the use of forklifts for material handling.
  6. Ground reinstatement: By reducing the number of vehicle movements the use of a Self Erecting Tower Crane can reduce the extent of ground reinstatement at the end of the contract.


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