Why Choose A Self Erecting Tower Crane

When considering why you should choose a Self Erecting Tower Crane it is important to realise that these cranes are easy to mobilise and can be working on site in one hour.

  • Self Erecting Tower Cranes (SETCs) deliver on site materials exactly where they are needed.
  • Why You Should Choose A Self Erecting Tower CraneImproved health and safety on site,due to less material handling.
  • A Self Erecting Tower Crane on site can reduce project duration.
  • Self Erecting Tower Cranes are the perfect crane hire for built up areas as they are environmentally friendly and operate with little noise pollution.
  • Self Erecting Tower Cranes have lower operating costs than alternative material handling equipment.

Health & Safety Benefits of SETC

  • SETCs reduce the number of vehicle movements on site.
  • Self Erecting Tower Cranes help maintain a tidy working site and eliminate blind lifting.
  • mantis-cranes-blog-img-5Eliminate accidents caused by lifting and carrying loads on unsuitable ground.
  • They eliminate damage to scaffolding caused by forklifts.

Environmental Benefits of Self Erecting Tower Cranes

Mantis Self Erecting Tower Cranes are powered by electricity either by mains or generator. Either option is more environmentally friendly and economical to run than most other types of material handling equipment.

mantis-cranes-blog-img-6One positioned on site a self erecting tower crane is static and will not cause soil compaction or churning of soil in poor weather or ground conditions.

The operational life of the Mantis crane hire fleet may be prolonged by refurbishment and therefore saving valuable natural resources.

The majority of components used to build the cranes in the crane hire fleet are recyclable.

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