Potain IGO T85A

Potain IGO T85A

Jib Length: 45m
Max Height: 35m
Max Lift: 6,000kg

The Potain IGO T85A, one of the largest Self Erecting Cranes available in the Mantis Cranes fleet. This hydraulic tower crane is designed for construction sites where space is restricted. With a maximum capacity of 6,000 kg and an operating hook radius of 45 m, the IGO T85A offers multiple operational jib configurations.

The IGO T85A self erector has numerous features which aid faster deployment to site:

  • Slewing mechanism
  • Wireless remote control
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Hydraulic jib

Product Description

Jib Length: 45m
Max Height: 35m
Max Lift: 6,000kg

Potain T85A Features

• 6,000kg maximum capacity
• 1,250 kg capacity at 45m
• 45m maximum operating hook radius
• 35m maximum tip hook height with jib horizontal
• Variable height lattice mast from 20m to 35m with optional mast inserts
• Remote control operated, giving Operator of the Potain IGO T85A freedom to locate at hook point or point of delivery

Typical Projects for Potain IGO T85A

• Steel frame and timber frame structures
• In-situ concrete buildings
• Multi-storey residential developments
• Commercial construction projects

Flexibility of Self Erecting Tower Cranes

Self Erecting Tower Cranes offer a host of advantages on construction sites with limited space.

  • Small Footprint: Can operate in restricted spaces while still offering both excellent reach and capacity.
  • Multiple Cranes: Many self erectors can operate within a small area on a busy site.
  • Time Savings: Rapid deployment and dismantling times make these cranes an efficient lifting option.
  • Easy to Move: Quick to move around the site with less downtime.
  • Power options: Can be powered by on site electricity or a generator.

Specification Document

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