Potain IGO 50

Potain IGO 50

Jib Length: 40m
Max Height: 23.2m
Max Lift: 4,000kg

The Potain IGO 50 is by far the most popular self-erecting tower crane in the Mantis Cranes fleet and we have the largest fleet of IGO 50s available to hire. This is a very versatile crane as it offers jib lengths from 14m to 40m.

The compact design of the IGO 50, with a small rear slewing radius, makes maneuvering easy on even the tightest construction sites. With a simple set up, this self erecting crane can be erected and ready to work swiftly and efficiently.

The IGO 50 self erector has variable frequency drives that require a lower current rush and progressive speed change and can be supported by a smaller generator than other cranes offering similar specs.

  • 4.5m x 4.5m footprint with a 2.5m slew radius
  • On board programme logic controller allows high reliability control and ease of programming and process fault diagnosis
  • Standard two-fall and four-fall rope options
  • Self-ballasting derricking arm can be provided
  • Radio remote control operation


Product Description

Jib Length: 40m
Max Height: 23.2m
Max Lift: 4,000kg

Flexibility of Self Erecting Tower Cranes

Self Erecting Tower Cranes offer a host of advantages on construction sites with limited space.

  • Small Footprint: Can operate in restricted spaces while still offering both excellent reach and capacity.
  • Multiple Cranes: Many self erectors can operate within a small area on a busy site.
  • Time Savings: Rapid deployment and dismantling times make these cranes an efficient lifting option.
  • Easy to Move: Quick to move around the site with less downtime.
  • Power options: Can be powered by on site electricity or a generator.

Specification Document

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