Mantis TC25

Mantis TC25

Jib Length: 25m
Max Height: 19m
Max Lift: 2,000kg

The Mantis TC25 features a 25m jib and a 19m height under hook. It can provide a maximum capacity of 2,000kg from the tower out as far as 10.8m on the jib and 750kg at the end of the jib.

The Mantis TC 25 self-erecting tower crane is unique to Mantis Cranes. This pedestrian operated tower crane is the smallest Self Erecting Crane on our crane hire fleet. It features a fully self-contained unit with an on-board generator and permanent ballast.

The compact design of the Mantis TC25, makes it ideal for construction projects where space is restricted as it can easily be maneuvered onto almost every site due to its permanent axle.

The crane was inspired by the requirements of the smaller building contractor, the growing demand for timber and steel framed houses and projects of shorter duration. Designed with an emphasis on optimising mobility and ease of erection, the crane is ideal for timber frame and light steel frame projects where customers need to relocate the crane around the site with minimal effort.

  • Can be towed to site by articulated lorry and subsequently moved around site using an agricultural tractor or telescopic forklift
  • Fitted with hydraulic outriggers allowing the crane to be levelled with ease
  • Carries its own permanent ballast weights hence eliminating the need for a second lorry for transportation
  • A generator can be fitted neatly on board the crane whilst in transit and the generator, if adequately sized, can also be used to power on-site tools
  • Radio remote control as standard

Product Description

Jib Length: 25m
Max Height: 19m
Max Lift: 2,000kg

Mantis TC 25 Unique Features

  • On board generator
  • Permanent ballast
  • Hydraulic levelling
  • Fifth wheel/draw bar features

Flexibility of Self Erecting Tower Cranes

Self Erecting Tower Cranes offer a host of advantages on construction sites with limited space.

  • Small Footprint: Can operate in restricted spaces while still offering both excellent reach and capacity.
  • Multiple Cranes: Many self erectors can operate within a small area on a busy site.
  • Time Savings: Rapid deployment and dismantling times make these cranes an efficient lifting option.
  • Easy to Move: Quick to move around the site with less downtime.
  • Power options: Can be powered by on site electricity or a generator.

Specification Document

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