SLH 205R

SLH 205R

Jib Length: 55m
Max Lift: 10,000kg

The SLH 205R Luffing Tower Crane has a maximum range of 55m and a maximum lifting capacity of 10,000 kg.
The SLH 205R is now SAEZ’S go-to workhorse when it comes to hydraulic luffing cranes. It was developed as an update of the SLH 190, and we equipped it with 5 more metres of jib, increased the maximum load up to 10 tonnes, and also increased in the tip load.

The crane is now a world reference, and is present in many of the most prestigious jobs all over the world, from the United Kingdom to Australia, and to the Middle East.

With an out of service radius of 10m (which can be reduced to 8m), a standard freestanding height of 48m, and a 37kW (50HP) hoist mechanism, the SLH 205R is arguably the most versatile hydraulic luffing crane on the market.


  • Limited Space: Luffing jib tower cranes are especially suitable in urban and built-up areas. On projects where there is limited space on either side of the site, a luffer can be invaluable.
  • No Oversail: By raising and lowering the jib, the crane can be used to its full potential while avoiding any oversail issues.
  • Reduced out of service radius: When out of service, the luffer can be parked at a reduced radius compared to a tower crane, which must be left parallel to the site with the jib at a fixed radius.
  • Multiple Cranes: On projects where there are multiple cranes, the reduced slewing radius of the luffer, compared to a tower crane, makes it the perfect option.

Product Description

Jib Length: 55m
Max Lift: 10,000kg

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